Upcoming: iG Tile-Map 3D

Create lightning fast tile-based levels for 3D games, any size you want. And do it, using your prefered shader and the powerful brush-system coming with iG Tile-Map 3D.

Planned features

  • Highly customizable Tile-Brushes with a powerful rule-system, e.g. for auto-placing roads, wang-tiles etc. ✔
  • Use any shader you want, including the Unity standard shaders ✔
  • Layer-system to draw tiles with transparent parts over existing tiles ✔
  • High performance due to single geometry per layer and paging ✔
  • Create maps as big as you want, paging makes it possible ✔
  • Handy tools for tile- & brush-related stuff
  • Change the heights of your tiles ✔
  • Place 3D tiles (e.g. walls) using the same powerful brush- and rulesystem ✔

Bonus features

  • Create multiple levels on the same map, e.g. for houses, dungeons etc. ✔
  • In-Game editor